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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why are they bashing unions?

Last night, while watching R. Maddow, it all clicked. It clicked as to why Republicans want to abolish unions/associations. After watching the show it became apparent to me the Republicans in office owe the conservative groups a favor, or two. In order for the conservative groups to have political donation domination in the next election they need to abolish the unions/associations.

Well, here is how it goes. The Supreme Court ruling, which now allows groups to donate large amounts of money to political campaigns unknowingly to the public, has opened Pandora's Box. The evilness of political donation domination has begun. There are 7 strong conservative groups and 3 unions/associations on the top 10 list for political donations in the 2010 election. Well, I guess you know who the conservative groups supported in the 2010 election. The 3 unions/associations (AFSCME, NEA and SEIU) were the only liberal groups on the list. Yes, that is correct. The only 3 (I'm using numerals for emphasis). These groups generally support Democrats. Consider this point: If the 3 unions/associations (AFSCME, NEA, SEIU) are abolished then only the conservative groups are on the list. Hmmmmm! Total political donation domination.    

This site Open , I found while reading Maddow Blog, shows outside spending for the last elections to prove I am not dreaming this stuff. You need to take a close look at the chart towards the bottom of the site titled:

Top Groups Making Outside Expenditures in 2010 Elections, Excluding Party Committees 

It's not about the unions/associations. It's about political donation domination. Don't be fooled. I'm going to end this post for now so you can look closely at the site Be knowledgeable and be aware so we are prepared to stand up for what's right like they are doing in Wisconsin.

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